Psychology of the Colour Orange

Taylor Gathercole

Psychology of the Colour Orange 

How does the colour orange make you feel? Orange can be a very strong and energetic colour. Like yellow and red, it can be very attention-grabbing which is perhaps why it is often used in advertising. People often describe orange as bright, happy, and up lifting. However, it can seem too bright and overwhelming. Orange tends to be a controversial colour. People tend to either love it or hate it.



The psychology of the colour orange –

  • Orange is a combination of Yellow and Red. So orange is considered energetic.
  • Orange gives out the feeling of Energy, Excitement and warmth.
  • Orange is energetic, this proves why many sports brand use orange in their branding.
  • Orange is also associated with Halloween. So it can have that dark and cartoonish feeling.

Brands that use orange –


Nickelodeon Logo - Fox StudioNickelodeon
The use of orange in this logo is vivid and overpowering, but in a fun way connects with the demographic it was designed for, making it the right choice of color.






Harley Davidson - Fox StudioHarley Davidson
The use of orange in Harley Davidson’s logo is prominent. It draws you in and also gives off that energetic feel that you get when riding a Harley.  






Fanta - Fox StudioFanta – Orange Fanta
The use of orange on the Fanta logo isn’t the main focus, but yet it draws you in. It ties nicely with the navy colour in the foreground. The orange is to represent the energy you receive from drinking Fanta.







Why does Fox Studio use orange?

Fox… An orange Fox, that is exactly the reason why we use orange. Oh and also because I simply love orange, it’s one of my favourite colours! Vibrant and looks super cool!







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